Founder Kemi's story...I said yes to a dress that wasn't perfect for me!


So, you said yes…Yay!!! 

What a momentous occasion, now it’s time to celebrate and get organised!

You have your notepad ready; you have chosen the venue; you even know the friend or family member who will be right by your side batting away any negativity and pressure on and leading up to the wedding.

At 2PieceBridal we know that every bride wants to look absolutely breathtaking on her special day.

But what if you can’t quite find the right fitting dress? If you’re anything like me and like many women all over the world, you can safely say that there’s a fair difference between the top half and the lower half of your body! 

 My Story

To be perfectly honest, my wedding dress experience was a lot tougher than I expected. I am a curvy shaped woman and in the bridal shops that I attended my measurements just didn’t seem to add up! 

All the dresses I tried on were not my actual size and frankly, it's hard to get a full picture of yourself on the day if you are trying on a dress that's not in your size. I wasn’t quite a plus size,so I didn’t want to go to a bridal shop that although specialised in incredible plus size dresses might also not cater for my shape.

I felt completely disheartened and a little backed in a corner but tried to remain positive and focus on other aspects of the day which I knew would be awesome! When I did finally find a dress that I liked but didn't love they told me; you are definitely going to need to order the dress in two sizes up so that it fits your large hips! Inside, I was worried about this but understood that it probably made the most sense. I ordered my wedding dress in the size recommended and hung up my hopes in the alteration process. 

When my dress arrived at the shop 6 months later, I went for my fitting  and the process of taking in my dress began. To be perfectly frank, it was an absolute disaster, and the alterations just were not really working. The dress was just simply too big. My heart sank, I was stuck, I wasn't going to look the way I wanted for my wedding.

The big day came and yes, I made the very best out of a very tricky situation. I had lots of compliments on the day but when I look back at the pictures, I can see that the dress wasn’t quite the right fit.

After my wonderful honeymoon, I started to ponder and make notes about my experience and the ways I might be able help other women in a similar situation.

This was really the start of 2PieceBridal and my hope is that we can help you find your perfect bridal separates which you will never regret.

Peace, Love, Joy and abundant blessings to you all!

Kemi xx