Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Showers are as unique as the bride to be and that's the key to making the shower amazing. If you are planning your own bridal shower then you know the things that you love. Have a look at some of our ideas and make sure you tell your bride squad if they are planning your shower!

Spa Day

If a relaxed & chilled vibe is what you are after for your bridal shower, then look no further! There are some amazingly beautiful spa venues and hotels around all around the UK. We would recommend that you look out for any deals that may include a massage, use of the spa facilities, champagne, posh snacks and even an overnight stay.


Bridal Brunch 

If you are a foodie at heart then a hearty brunch may just tickle your fancy. Why not find a nice hotel or restaurant with a private room for you and your special ones. Enjoy wonderful food together, open presents, tell stories and let the good times roll.


Cocktail Making Class

If Cocktails are your thing, then a cocktail making class will really be a treat! Check online for venues that offer this fun activity for you and your squad. If you absolutely love the cocktail you have made, why not have it recreated and named after you for your special day!


Perfume making class 

Why not enjoy an afternoon with your bridal party making a lush, sensual perfume which will wow both your groom and your guests! Check online for the best classes and venues.


Afternoon Tea

Not to be confused with Brunch, some say that a sumptuous and elegant afternoon tea is a wonderful way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. The great thing is you can have all your bridal party and also invite your grandmother!